12th IEEE International Symposium on
Industrial Embedded Systems
14 - 16 June 2017, Toulouse, France


Embedded Systems:

  • Design and Validation of Embedded Systems,
  • Real-Time Issues,
  • Models of Embedded Computation,
  • Design and Verification Languages,
  • Operating Systems and Quasi-Static Scheduling,
  • Timing and Performance Analysis,
  • Power Aware Embedded Computing,
  • Adaptive Embedded Systems,
  • Security in Embedded Systems.

System-on-Chip and Network-on-Chip Design & Testing:

  • Design of Application-Specific Instruction-Set Processors,
  • Design and Programming of Embedded Multiprocessors,
  • SoC Communication and Architectures,
  • NoC Communication and Architectures,
  • Design of SoC/NoC
  • Platform-Based Design for Embedded Systems,
  • Reconfigurable Platforms,
  • Multiprocessor SoC Platforms and Tools,
  • Testing ofEmbedded Core-based Integrated Circuits.

Networked Embedded Systems:

  • Design Issues for Networked Embedded,
  • Middleware Design and Implementation for Networked Embedded Systems,
  • Self Adaptive Networked Entity Sensor Networks: Architectures, Energy-Efficient Medium Access Control, Time Synchronization Issues, Distributed Localization Algorithms, Routing, Distributed Signal Processing, Security

Embedded Applications:

  • Cyber-physical systems and Internet of Things, including Industrial Automation and Controls,
  • Automotive Applications,
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems,
  • Smart Home,
  • Wireless Health Care,
  • Industrial Building Automation and Control,
  • Power (sub-)Station Automation and Control,
  • etc. - design, maintenance, fault tolerance & dependability, networks, infrastructure, safety and security.